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With my friend the photog Josh Meltzer (right) and the police chief of Sauta, Mexico. Photo by Jose Juan Espinoza, 2005.

Picking Up the Pieces (ongoing), series on the effects of globalization on two communities in Western Virginia, with freelance photographer Jared Soares and produced in collaboration with Equal Voice Newspaper, a project of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, 2012.

PTSD: Private Battles, series on the emotional impact of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on returning soldiers, 2011.

• Lost in the Woods, series on the controversy surrounding Lyme Disease, newly endemic in Western Virginia, 2010.

Life and Death in the Time of Cholera, about a medical mission trip gone awry, with VII Photo Agency photographer Ron Haviv, and with support from the Dart Society and the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, 2010.

Age of Uncertainty, 10-part series on caregiving in an increasingly aging society, 2008.

Land of Opportunity, series on the fallout of illegal immigration in Virginia as well as in Mexico, 2006.

Unlikely Refuge, series on how a group of refugees from Africa are settling into one of the most segregated cities in the South, 2005.

  • Advance praise for “Factory Man”:

    "Beth Macy's extraordinary reporting and narrative skills, and her deep affection for the people of the rural Blue Ridge Mountain region, come together in a compelling story about a gritty Virginia furniture maker who refuses to allow his family's company and its workers to become victims of globalization." — J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-Progress citation
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  • Lee Smith on “Factory Man”:

    "The epic struggle of Virginia furniture manufacturer John Bassett III (JBIII) to save his business has given crackerjack reporter Beth Macy the book she was born to write. Longtime champion of the downtrodden and the working American, Macy brings globalization down to a human scale, giving a real voice and a recognizable face to everyone involved, from factory worker to government official to Chinese importer. Thorough reporting and brilliant writing combine to make FACTORY MAN an exciting, fast-paced account of a quintessentially American story that affects us all." — Lee Smith, author of "Guests On Earth"

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