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I’m a journalist based in Roanoke, Va., and my family and I are about to embark on a yearlong journey to Cambridge, Ma., where I’ve been astonishingly lucky enough to get a Nieman Fellowship for Journalism.

I hope to blog about our experiences with the move — the culture change from South to North, my kids (the 15-year-old is a little less than thrilled by the move), my patient husband who’s ready and willing to move his online teaching job to Boston and maybe — if he’s very Lucky, which he is (cause that’s his name) — the dog.

Goober and Gomer are going to Harvard, is another way of looking at this journey: a couple of Midwesterners who still think Skyline Chili and a cold beer are two of the greatest indulgences in the world.

“So you think I’m smart enough to go to Harvard?” I asked the teenager last night.
“Well. . . . . ” he said.

We shall see.

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