Beth Macy

Father’s Day

Random things about the father in my life:

1. When the kids are really sick, they want Tom, not me.

2. This used to make me feel bad, but then about this time last year I got full-bore pneumonia. As soon as I was well enough to ride my bike again, I broke my hand. All told, I was laid up for about six weeks, during which time it hit me: The kids are right. I prefer him, too.

3. He is not at all a defensive driver and pretty much operates the car the way he operates his life: Life is good, nothing bad will happen to me. I envy his sunny disposition — except for in the early morning! — but I wish he checked his blind spot more.

4. He’s really cute when he dances. 

5. On our 15th anniversary, he recreated our very first date by renting the screening room at the Grandin Theatre and showing “The Reader” as a surprise.

6. He’ll eat anything you fix him, even if it’s been in the fridge for seven days.

7. He does most of the laundry and, while he can’t fold napkins for anything, he does a pretty good job.

8. Favorites: blue, Guinness, his mom’s chocolate sheet cake, Ireland, the Be Good Tanyas, John Sayles movies, Thomas Jefferson, Mill Mountain on a crisp spring morning, beef brisket (his mom’s recipe), strawberry rhubarb pie (my recipe), Nepal, playing catch with Will, listening to Max crack inappropriate jokes, lying on the chaise lounge in the garden, reading anything he can get his hands on, making people laugh.

9. He’s a really, really good son and nephew. (He’s fixing his dad’s toilet right now, in fact.) Yesterday he set up Uncle Frosty’s blog.

10. If I had to pick one word to describe him, it would be: helper.

Happy Father’s Day, Tom. You’re a fantastic dad, husband, son and friend.

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