Collaboration in the multimedia age

Here’s my recent essay for Nieman Story Board, which is the Nieman Narratives’ new online attempt to break down story in every medium, with an emphasis on multimedia projects.

It’s a how-to guide for multimedia/narrative collaboration, with thanks to Jacqui Banaszynski, who led me to collaboration expert Kittie Watson via Facebook; to my pal Kurt Navratil in Roanoke, for his constant good cheer and ideas and way-to-go’s; and to Bill Mitchell of the Poynter Institute and Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, who listened to me spew out my thoughts for this essay at Darwin’s Ltd. — and treated me to lunch anyway. Special thanks to Story Board editor Andrea Pitzer, whose collaborative energy is off-the-charts and to my favorite collaborator of all time, Josh Meltzer, who, as ever, gave good feedback on the first draft.

Talk about a collaborative effort!

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